2020 CSA is Full. 

Rooster Head Plantation Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What's included this year:

Full CSA​ $800.00 (​Pick up weekly)

10% Off additional purchases on the day of pickup

Free U pick flowers

10lbs of meat (Farmers Choice) monthly

4 Dozen Eggs monthly

10 lbs Veggies monthly

2 gallons of Raw (Pets) Milk when available

4 Ferments (Fermenti Brand) monthly

1 Specialty Sauce monthly

5 lbs of Fruit monthly

Half CSA ​$400.00 (​Pick up every other week)

10% Off additional purchases on the day of pickup

Free U pick flowers

5 lbs of meat (Farmers Choice) monthly

2 Dozen Eggs monthly

5 lbs Veggies monthly

1 gallon of Raw (Pets) Milk when available

2 Ferments (Fermenti Brand) monthly

2 lbs of Fruit monthly

Where is your CSA dollar going in 2020?

2019 was a benchmark year for us here at Rooster Head. We leased addition pasture land and expanded our pork and egg layer production. This year we are focusing on the basics that we started in our backyard in 2015. 
Our goal for 2020 is seven batches of meat chickens this year with 500 birds per batch. That would allow us to raise 3,500 chickens here on our main farm's location. Additionally, we are going to raise 30 Turkeys this year, just in time for Thanksgiving Day. 

By increasing our numbers, we are able to accomplish a few things:

First, we can offer our products at a lower more affordable price, we will be able to buy bulk feed and a lower cost which will lower the price we the farmers need to break even.

Second, we are wanting to upgrade our processing equipment to make it more efficient on ourselves and our team. Don’t worry, Jaye and Jacqui will still be on the processing line, however, upgrading equipment means we can now accomplish what would take us two days into half a day.

Third, with this year's CSA funds we are hoping to hire people from the local community to help with our processing and some odd jobs on the farm. We feel very passionate about empowering the local residents of Brevard and bringing a different kind of employment to the area.  

Our goal for 2020 is $10,000 dollars. Our spending breakdown is:
$5,000 for new processing equipment

$800 for 2 new chicken tractors 

$3,800 for 3,500 chickens

The CSA season runs through the 2nd Week of May until the 2nd week of October. 
Pickups will be at the main farm, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
If you are not able to pick up on those days please make arrangements for someone to pick up for you. 
Our storage is very limited and we don’t want your CSA to go to waste.  

Full payment is due by April 1st to reserve your spot. Space is limited! 

For questions please call Jacqui at 828-702-9929. 

We love that you are part of this farm and our community. Thank you for your support!